Need to consolidate payday loans- Find out how to consolidate payday advances

Find out how to consolidate payday advances

You can no longer assume your monthly expenses that become too heavy? Do they represent a bigger and bigger part of your budget? So do not wait any longer and trust for payday loan consolidation. This method allows you to significantly reduce your repayments each month by consolidating all or part of your payday loans into one new monthly payment.

The consolidation of Impact Finances credits is also the possibility of benefiting from additional cash to cope with all the unexpected events of life. Thanks to the consolidation of credits, you will obtain a lower rate than those of your current credits and will find a reduced debt ratio. In addition, our team of professionals, all from the banking and insurance industry, work with all French credit consolidation banks, to ensure you find the best possible proposition.

A single advisor will take care of your file throughout the duration of the operation, he will know your situation better and will be more able to offer solutions tailored to your needs. He will take care of everything for you: Approach with banks, presentation, and constitution of your file with the banks, reimbursement of all the organizations of your credits… All the steps will be made by our adviser because we know that it can be laborious for people who certainly do not have time to deal with it. Credit consolidation made by professionals for you here is a guarantee of security and quality.

Difficulties to repay each month your monthly payments?

If you have more and more trouble repaying your monthly payments every month, and you even occasionally have a few withdrawals, this indicates that you need a loan consolidation. This simple and practical operation offered by Impact Finances will allow you to reduce your monthly expenses by consolidating into one loan, all or part of your outstanding credits, in order to benefit from a favorable rate and a new lower monthly payment, up to -60%.

With the consolidation of loans, your debt ratio will benefit from a considerable decline and you will find a strong purchasing power. Loan consolidation can also include, in addition to the resumption of your loans, an additional amount called cash, which can be used as you see fit (savings, vehicle purchase, work, travel…).

You will, therefore, have only one new loan, one monthly payment and a single contact person who will be dedicated to you to advise you throughout the implementation process. This person will be at your disposal for any questions and will take care of everything for you, from the receipt of your file until the repayment of each of your credits. You will have no steps to take.

Our loan consolidation experts will compete for you, all banks in the sector of the purchase of credits for a guarantee to find you the best rate and the best possible proposal for you. Because the consolidation of loans is a transaction that will change your life, our team will support you and advise you as clearly as possible, to find a solution that really fits your needs.

Customized for your situation, because studying each case on a case-by-case basis is another of Impact Finance’s many commitments in terms of loan consolidation.